Important Stage 3 Kidney Disease Symptoms to Know About


In stage 3 of kidney disease, there is extreme damage caused to the kidneys. The functional capacity of the kidneys declines to quite an extent at this stage. As a result, the body is unable to get rid of the waste products of your body. Hence, the contents of waste products rise in the blood. It is a condition known as ‘Uremia”.

Often, the people suffering from stage 3 diseases develop other health problems, and ailments such as reduced red blood cell levels also called as anemia, which causes increased blood pressure and joint pain.

This article will outline the vital stage 3 kidney disease symptoms that are often encountered by the patients.

Stage 3 Kidney Disease Symptoms

This is a condition that can be considered as quite grave because often, the ailment is never tracked or diagnosed in the early stages. Let us take a look at the different stage 3 kidney disease symptoms:

  • Fatigue – One of the major stage 3 kidney disease symptoms is the feeling of extra tiredness or fatigue. A person who is suffering from stage 3 kidney problem will feel more tired and fatigued than normal. This sign could be very easily misread. However, if the symptom is accompanied by the following stage 3 kidney disease symptoms, then you must not delay your visit to the doctor.
  • Puffiness – As mentioned earlier, in stage 3 of kidney problem, the functionality of the kidneys gets reduced. As a result, the body is unable to excrete the waste products of the body, and there is a lot of fluid retention in the body. Therefore, the person suffering from the disease experience swelling and puffiness in the body. This is something that is first noticed around the eyes. There will be pouches around your eyes. Additionally, there will be puffiness in the hands, feet and the joints of the body. The joints of knees and ankles will swell up majorly.
  • Back Pain – Another primary stage 3 kidney disease symptoms is back pain. There is a dull pain in the mid and the lower back region of the patient. This pain could either be on any one side of the back or maybe both the sides. Often, this pain is known as ‘flank pain’ or ‘loin pain’. However, this is a type of pain that can be either misread or neglected.
  • Hunger – Another interesting stage 3 kidney disease symptom is a change in the appetite of the person. People have often said that the food used to start tasting peculiar when they are in stage 3 of kidney ailments.
  • The color of the urine – A critical stage 3 kidney disease symptom is the pattern and the amount of urine discharged by the person. Often a person, suffering from a kidney disease, starts urinating more often than what he or she used to before. Sometimes the frequency and the amount drop to abnormal levels. In some instances, we see that the urine becomes very dark in color. Either it becomes very dark or often the color of tea. It could also be red due to the presence of blood in the urine. In some cases, we see that the urine, at this stage, could become very clear, which is again very abnormal. This happens when the kidneys are not functioning at all. This is why no filtration takes place.
  • High Blood Pressure – Hypertension is one of the primary stage 3 kidney disease symptoms that often occur due to high blood pressure in the person.
  • Digestion – One of the major effects and a stage 3 kidney disease symptom is the degradation of the quality of the digestive system. This is because of gastroparesis, which is a common problem at this stage.
  • Also, an urge to urinate more during the night hours could be one of the major stage 3 kidney disease symptoms.
  • There could be a sudden, regular itchy feel to your skin and your skin would look paler as compared to the usual hue.
  • Since there will be fluid accumulation in the lungs, you might become short of breath very quickly.
  • Headaches, numbness in the feet and disturbed sleep could be some of the stage 3 kidney disease symptoms.
  • You might also experience chest pain due to pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the pericardium, two thin layers of a sac-like tissue that surround the heart, hold it in place and helps it work.
  • A decreased sexual drive and erectile dysfunctioning could be one of the major stage 3 kidney disease symptoms.
  • Additionally, you could experience intense pain in your bones. Your bones could also become a lot more brittle as compared to the earlier times.

A good observation of the above stage 3 kidney disease symptoms can help you to seek medical help at the right time and save you a lot of other problems.