Simple Treatments for Nerve Pain


One of the most important elements of the human body structure is the nervous system. The entire functioning of the human body and its different organs entirely depends upon the systematic functioning of the nervous system. The nervous system works as a message coordinator between the brain, heart and other organs of the body. In recent times there have been numerous cases of nerve pain thanks to sluggish lifestyle and high-stress levels.

Nerve pain can be divided into two categories namely unexplained or unidentified pain and pain caused because of ailments. In the former category even after undergoing numerous tests and scans doctors are unable to find the exact cause of nerve pain which is known as idiopathic nerve pain. The latter form of nerve pain is caused due to ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and so on. These ailments tend to put excessive pressure on the nerves thereby obstructing smooth flow of the vessels.

Here are a few remedies which can help in keeping nerve pain under control!

Sugar check
For people obsessed with a sweet tooth, you are the prime targets for nerve pain. Nerve pain depends a lot upon your refined sugar intake on a daily basis. Excess of refined sugar will increase the blood sugar levels thereby interfering with the blood flow process. Ensure to keep consumption of refined sugar out of your diet books or switch over to sugar supplements or brown sugar by consulting a doctor. In addition to this, people suffering from diabetes need to take special care and control blood sugar level to avoid or suffice nerve pain.

The natural remedy for body ailments is a routine exercise schedule. If your work is keeping you off the exercise routine then make it a point to at least have a twenty-minute brisk walking session to ease nerve pressure. Walking release natural body painkillers named endorphins which help in keeping nerve pain at bay. Also, walking helps in relaxing the thigh and leg muscles thereby allowing smooth blood flow to the legs.

Nerve unwind
Taking time out of your busy schedule to pamper yourself too is a mandatory thing. Make it a point to unwind a bit by enjoying some foot spas or massage pedicures to help relax the nerves a bit. A light massage to the legs help ease pressure on the nerves and thereby allowing smooth blood flow.

Keep away the alcohol and tobacco
One of the primary reasons behind people suffering from nerve pain and other nerve ailments is excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco contains a harmful component named nicotine which releases harmful toxins into the body which enters the blood vessels thereby leading to serious ailments. One of the most known nerve ailments is varicose veins. Nicotine leaves harmful fragments on the blood vessels thereby obstructing blood flow. This, in turn, increases pressure on the heart to pump more blood. In serious cases, people are left paralyzed below the waist due to blockage of blood vessels.

Warm water soaking
This is a natural remedy to help soothe nerve pain. Warm water immediately helps in releasing excess stress on the nerves thereby soothing the pain and inflammation. Make it a routine to soak your feet in warm water after long hours of sitting or standing. The warmth of the water helps in relaxing the nerves thereby improving blood circulation

Sleeping posture
Nerve pain, many times brings with it excessive swelling and pain which can be rectified by changing the sleeping posture. Elevate your legs above heart level with the help of pillow or spool noodles. This position will help to ease the swelling and pain as well as relax blood circulation.

Acupressure is a scientifically proven measure to treat nerve ailments. It is a therapy in which certain medicated points in the body are pressed with finger pressure thereby releasing stress on the nerves. However, one needs to be trained accurately in this medium. Before starting with this therapy make it a point to head to a certified acupuncturist.

Weight check
One of the prime reasons for muscle or nerve ailments is weight issues. Keep a track of your body mass index and try and maintain weight according to the chart. Excess body fat puts the entire weight on the legs, in turn, putting pressure on the nerves. Excess weight gain at times may also lead to nerve inflammation or breakage of blood vessels thereby aggravating the condition.

Unwinding with aromatherapy
Easing nerve pain with the help of a little oil massage is another good remedy. In other words, aromatherapy uses botanical oils to help ease nerve pain and the inflammation caused because of it. Oils not only help to warm up the nerves, they also help in improving blood circulation.