10 Effective Remedies for Treating Nasal Congestion


There are various instances when the body refuses to function properly. This happens due to a variety of reasons, and also, the inability of the body’s immune system to protect it from the onslaught of various malicious agents in the surrounding. When the bacteria or viruses conquer the immune system, they wage a full-fledged war on the body and impact its functioning. What might begin as a common cold can be the harbinger of other health-related issues to come.

Nasal congestion is one of the most common diseases that has inflicted almost every person at least once in their lifetime. Though it might not come across as a trivial affliction, it does cause a lot of discomforts until it is fully cured. People often confuse common cold with nasal congestion. It does share symptoms with cold, and it can have deeper impacts than cold. If you wish to know more about nasal congestion and acquire a fair idea about nasal congestion treatments, keep reading.

What are the causes of nasal congestion?
Another term for a stuffy nose is nasal congestion. Nasal congestion surfaces when the nasal passage is blocked, and this happens when the membrane lining of the passage becomes swollen due to inflammation in the blood vessels. Usually, the common cold is the culprit in cases of nasal congestion, but there are a few instances when the cause of nasal congestion isn’t common cold. The other causes of nasal congestion are as follows:
– Various allergies are known to trigger nasal congestion. It irritates the nasal passage and causes the membranes to swell. This can lead to nasal congestion.
– Hay fever is also known to cause nasal congestion.
– Exposure to certain chemicals can lead to nasal congestion.
– A deviated septum is also known to cause nasal congestion.
– Various irritants in the environment can trigger nasal congestions when the person comes in contact with them.
– At times, benign or non-cancerous tumors appear in the nasal passages, and these can cause nasal congestion.

What are the symptoms of nasal congestion?
To determine whether you are suffering from nasal congestion, you need to be aware of the symptoms of the same. If the following symptoms surface, you can determine that it is nasal congestion you are suffering from.
– A runny or stuffy nose.
– Mucus build-up in the nasal passage.
– Sinus pain.
– Swelling of the nasal tissue.

What are the various methods for treating nasal congestion?
Nasal congestion can be treated with various medications and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and even home remedies work wonders in such cases. Here are some effective methods for nasal congestion treatment.
– Many times, a nasal congestion leaves you drained and dehydrated. In such cases, the physician might advise you to opt for a humidifier. It is one of the simplest nasal congestion treatments. Increasing the humidity of the air can prove instrumental in reducing the mucus in the nose.
– A warm shower can work wonders in clearing the nasal congestion. The steam from the shower can help clear whatever is obstructing the nasal passage.
– Another nasal congestion treatment method is to breathe in steam from a pot of warm water.
– A neti pot has proved to be quite useful in clearing the nasal congestion. Fill the neti pot with warm saline solution and gently pour the saline solution into one nostril and tilt the head for the solution to flow out of the other nostril. It helps in dealing with chronic nasal congestion and sinus-related problems.
– Fluids play a major role in helping clear the nasal passage. So, as a part of nasal congestion treatment, drink lots of fluid. It is instrumental in thinning the mucus and prevents further blockage of sinuses.
– A decongestion nasal spray has proven to be quite useful in relieving nasal congestion. It helps in reducing the swelling of nasal passages and can dramatically reduce the sinus pressure and eases the stuffiness.
– A nasal congestion causes dehydration. In such cases, you need to keep yourself hydrated with warm soups and teas. Lemon tea and honey plays a major role in relieving nasal congestion.
– You can even use a nasal saline spray. Nasal saline spray is nothing more than salt water, and spray it in the nostril ensures that the nasal passage doesn’t dry out. It is one of the easiest nasal congestion treatments that yield positive results.
– Hot and cold packs come in handy in reducing nasal congestion. Since nasal congestion causes inflammation of the sinuses, a hot or cold pack is instrumental in reducing the sinuses inflammation.
– Garlic cloves are one of the best nasal congestion treatments. It helps in reducing inflammation. So, one can either chew garlic cloves or can add these cloves to the steam. Garlic possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are quite instrumental in combating nasal congestion.
– One of the most effective ways to reduce nasal congestion caused by sinuses is to prop your head up on pillows. Keep your head elevated; it will make breathing more comfortable.