11 Popular Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Methods


The condition of hemorrhoids, also known as piles, refers to swollen veins in your lower rectum or anus. When you strain during the bowel movements, hemorrhoids are bound to develop, and increased pressure on the veins during pregnancy also leads to swollen veins. There are two types of hemorrhoids, and they include internal hemorrhoids (inside the rectum) and external hemorrhoids (outside the rectum). What are the most effective hemorrhoid pain relief methods?

Sitz bath in warm water
The most popular hemorrhoid pain relief for managing pain is warm sitz bath. It is a very effective method to get relief from pain. You need to sit in around 3 inches of warm water for 15 minutes, and it should be repeated several times a day. This method controls the swelling in the area and creates a relaxing effect on the clenching sphincter muscle.

Applying a small amount of petroleum jelly
Sometimes, the pain during bowel movements can become intense. In such a situation, you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly inside your anus to reduce the pain. This is an effective hemorrhoid pain relief method.

Use creams, witch hazel, or ice pack
An over-the-counter cream or ointment can be applied containing hydrocortisone, and it helps reduce itching and pain. Another option for hemorrhoid pain relief is to use a numbing agent or pads that contain witch hazel, and the witch hazel can be dabbed on the irritated hemorrhoids. You can also experiment by placing a simple cold pack on the affected area for a couple of minutes to control the swelling.

Switch to a high fiber diet
If you want to get hemorrhoid pain relief and get rid of piles, you should switch to a high fiber diet. Processed foods should be avoided, and high fiber foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be taken to avoid constipation. If unable to get enough fiber from food, doctors recommend taking a fiber supplement also called a stool softener. If you keep on taking laxatives, you may get affected with diarrhea that can irritate piles.

Increase your water intake
You must drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day. If you are living in a very hot climate or remain very active during the day, water intake must be increased.

Injection brings relief
If you have to face severe symptoms, you must depend on medical procedures. Doctors recommend medical procedures for hemorrhoid pain relief if you are not getting any relief even after a couple of weeks. The most common procedure is injection and solution is injected for creating a scar to shut off hemorrhoid.

Rubber band ligation is a good option
If you are suffering from prolapsed hemorrhoids, rubber band ligation is done to eliminate pain. With the help of a specially designed tool, the doctor places a small rubber band around the pile to close off the blood supply immediately. Hemorrhoid will shrink off or dry up within a week.

Cauterization or coagulation is an effective remedy
The procedure is all about burning or removing the tissue with the help of a laser beam or an electric probe, and it is a painless method of sealing hemorrhoid’s end for shrinking or closing off. It is the most effective option for prolapsed piles and for getting hemorrhoid pain relief.

Learn about the surgical options for hemorrhoid pain relief
As far as highly painful and large internal hemorrhoids are concerned, doctors perform a conventional surgery or eliminate them. Different techniques can be used, and the surgery is performed with a local anesthetic in combination with sedation, a general anesthetic, or spinal anesthetic.

Hemorrhoidectomy can be described as the most effective way to address severe hemorrhoids and get hemorrhoid pain relief. The difficulty in emptying bladder can become a complication, and adequate steps must be taken to prevent urinary tract infections. You may experience some pain after having undergone the procedure, and it is always advisable to use some medications to address the pain and other discomforts. You can soak in a warm bath to eliminate the discomfort after the surgery.

Hemorrhoid stapling
This procedure, also known as stapled hemorrhoidectomy, prevents blood flow to the tissues of hemorrhoid. This is normally performed for treating internal hemorrhoids. Stapling does not invite great amount of pain compared to hemorrhoidectomy, and speedy recovery can be associated with this method. At the same time, this procedure does ensure the prevention of reoccurrence, and the chances are high when you compare it with hemorrhoidectomy. Some of the complications that can be linked with this treatment are urinary retention and bleeding. In rare cases, blood infection can become a serious concern. An experienced doctor recommends the best treatment after analyzing your condition for hemorrhoid pain relief.

Hemorrhoids cause considerable irritation and pain, and you need to take treatment immediately to get rid of them. Medical treatments are a highly effective hemorrhoid pain relief method, but suitable lifestyle changes are to be made to prevent the recurrence of this problem.