8 Effective Ways to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels


An unhealthy lifestyle coupled with the amount of stress we are burdened with to achieve the “perfect life” has left us combating various serious health issues. Some of these ailments are hereditary, whereas, some of them are self-created. And, then there are those ailments that fall under both these categories. Diabetes is one such ailment that is known to have its roots firmly planted in our genes and can be a result of our reckless lifestyle as well.

However, if normal blood sugar levels are maintained, people can easily coexist with diabetes and lead a normal life. Whichever treatment a person opts for controlling their diabetes, it involves maintaining normal blood sugar levels. A rise in the blood sugar levels leads to a string of other problems. So, the key to living with diabetes involves taking steps to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes isn’t an ailment that can be cured completely. So, one must follow these tips to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Lose weight
Obesity is the root cause of a wide-range of disease or is known to worsen an already existing condition. Excess weight makes the person resistant to insulin, and this, in turn, disrupts the normal blood sugar levels in the body. In such cases, it becomes imperative to lose at least 5% to 10% of the current body weight. One can even seek a dietician’s help to succeed in their endeavor to lose weight. The right weight assures that normal blood sugar levels are maintained.

Follow a balanced diet with complex carbs
When we say that one’s unhealthy lifestyle can also trigger diabetes, it implies going on a binge eating session, where the only food one consumes, are fried and high in everything harmful for the body. So, in order to maintain normal blood sugar levels, one needs to adhere to consuming a balanced diet. People are of the opinion that all carbs are to be eliminated from the diet. However, complex carbs, found in fruits, lean meat, vegetables are known to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

One needs to perform at least some kind of physical activity. Not only does it help in managing one’s weight, but it also keeps other ailments at bay. Usually, people with diabetes are known to suffer from high blood pressure as well. Going for a morning run, or sweating it out in the gym will play a major role in keeping one healthy. So, one must choose their favorite sport or join the nearest gym. Even half an hour of brisk walking can help people maintain their weight and normal blood sugar level as well.

Skip the wheat
Recent studies have linked high blood sugar levels to gluten, and wheat is the prime source of gluten. Eliminating wheat from one’s diet ensures that normal blood sugar levels are maintained. The body processes gluten in ways similar to that of sugar. Thus, it comes as no surprise that eliminating gluten from the diet helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Consume protein-rich food for breakfast
Proteins are known to aid the process of absorbing glucose into the cells, thereby, maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Proteins are known to lend a helping hand to those who are trying to lose weight or trying to maintain a healthy weight. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and skipping breakfast disrupts the normal blood sugar levels in the body, it is imperative to consume a protein-rich breakfast. Eggs are the popular preference in such cases.

Use resistant starch
Fiber is an ally if one is trying to lose weight and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Resistant starch found in foods such as grains, potatoes, legumes, bananas, etc. play a major role in helping controlling blood sugar levels. In addition to helping maintain normal blood sugar levels, resistant starch also keeps the gut healthy.

Consume nuts
People who are on a diet to lose weight and those who aim to control their blood sugar are advised to consume at least 50gms of almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, or pistachios. Nuts have proven to help maintain normal blood sugar levels. They contain unsaturated fats, proteins, and vitamins in large quantities. Nuts are known to keep the cholesterol levels in check and can effectively process triglycerides and sugar.

Sleep like a baby
There’s a reason why our elders say we need to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. When a person is sleeping, their body repairs the wear and tear it has been through throughout the day. Studies have confirmed that people who have a bad sleep pattern are the ones who suffer from fluctuations in their blood sugar levels. A sleep-deprived person becomes glucose intolerant, and bad sleeping habits are dangerous since they put the person at risk of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.So, it is advisable to get a good night’s sleep.

Diabetes can trigger other complications, particularly when uncontrolled. One example is diabetic retinopathy, where high blood sugar affects the retinal blood vessels. The condition typically leads to compromised vision and even blindness. It is also accompanied by symptoms like blurred vision, difficulties with color differentiation, floaters, and dark areas in the field of vision. However, diabetes ceases to be life-threatening when one learns to control it by maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Coexistence is the key to a leading a healthy life even when suffering from diabetes.