All You Need to Know about Testosterone Home Test Kits


As you age, your testosterone levels come down. It is a natural process and all men have to have to go through this phenomenon. Nevertheless, reduced testosterone levels can be linked with men of younger age as well. You can easily smell an underlying health problem if your testosterone levels decrease unnaturally and it can be an injury, obesity, an issue in the pituitary gland or some other health disorders. Patients undergo cancer treatments also have low testosterone levels. Most common symptoms of reduced levels of this hormone are concentration problems, reduced sex drive, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, physical fatigue, reduced body hair growth, decreased sex drive and lowered muscle mass. You have to see your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms. How can you confirm that testosterone levels are below the standard levels? That is where the importance of testosterone test kits comes in.

How to check testosterone levels without a blood test?
If you see a doctor, you have to undergo a physical examination to check the hormone levels. The doctor will assess the symptoms and then, you will be asked to undergo a blood test determine the hormone levels. The hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day and they will be at the highest point during the morning time. That is why doctors take the blood sample in the morning. Even without taking a blood test, you can come to know whether you are experiencing low levels of testosterone with the help of test kits.

Home test kits
You can come across different types of testosterone test kits to check your hormone levels at home. All these testosterone test kits check your saliva instead of blood and the sample can be collected at home with great ease. The method of collecting saliva and the number of samples to be taken rely on the specific product you purchase. After collecting the samples, you have to send them to a lab for testing. The results will be made available within a few days.

Precision and dependability of testosterone test kits
Many people are not prepared to rely on the results of a home test kit for testosterone. What is the accuracy level of these salvia tests? First of all, saliva testing is easier compared to blood testing and it is less invasive as well. Although blood testing is the most authentic way of identifying the hormone levels in your body, saliva testing offers fairly accurate results. The critics are of the opinion variation can be seen in the saliva tests and you need to purchase a high-quality kit to make readings really accurate. This type of testing is preferable to many people because it is less stressful and invasive. Moreover, saliva offers better results compared to body fluids like sweat and urine. One of the important things you need to consider is that the way the samples are gathered and stored influences the accuracy and reliability of the results. First of all, you must purchase a good quality home test kit and after collecting the sample, it should be sent to a reputed laboratory to ensure the accuracy of the results. Undermining the importance of these aspects can make the results considerably inaccurate.

What to do with the result of a home test kit?
When you arrive at a decision to measure the testosterone levels using a home test kit, you have to be prepared to take the required next steps. The lab results contain detailed information about the testosterone levels available in your body. If you find that level is normal and still experiencing some symptoms, you must consult with a doctor. When the results are lower than the standard levels, you should not proceed with any home remedies to increase the testosterone levels. Your doctor is the best person to decide the future course of action and under his/her supervision; you must make efforts to enhance the hormone levels. If you make use of substandard testosterone supplements available in the market without the recommendation of your doctor, you are flirting with danger and this approach can make you extremely vulnerable to side effects such as prostrate growth, sleep apnea, high risk to heart disease and restricted sperm production.

Testosterone test kits can be used to measure the hormone levels available in your body. Ignoring the importance of measuring can lead you to serious health complications and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms like hot flashes, physical fatigue, reduced sex drive, and restricted body hair growth, you have to purchase a test kit immediately to find out the hormone levels in your body. You must understand that reduced testosterone can be the sign of a very critical underlying health or medical condition. The best method is to act immediately and you have to consult a doctor with the results you received.