Bloating Stomach Relief for A Happy You

Home Remedies

Bloated stomach is an unusual swelling that is noticed in the abdominal area due to the presence of gas. The stomach or the abdomen appears to project out of normal proportions. It also seems to be hard and is usually accompanied by cramps. You may also experience pain or growling in the abdomen area because of the bloating.

This kind of pain is usually sharp and can change its’ locations quickly, i.e., at one point in time, you may experience pain in the stomach. However, after some time the pain may shift to your back, and you may experience chest pain.

Some of the common causes of stomach bloating include overeating, weight gain, heartburn, constipation, visceral fat, ovarian cancer, irregular diet, dehydration, hormonal changes, infection, and gastric distension.

There are many bloating stomach relief medications and treatments available. The suitable bloating stomach relief may depend upon the bloating one experiences and the relevant cause of it.

Bloating Stomach Relief Methods

Probiotics: Probiotics are referred to as good bacteria, i.e., friendly bacteria present in the digestive system which help in killing off the bad bacteria. This, in turn, may be the source of stomach bloating in the first place. These probiotics are available in supplement form and are also present in foods like yogurt, coconut water, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, and probiotic chocolate. They are an effective way for bloating stomach relief.

Drink Luke Warm Lemon Water: Every morning after you get up, make it a habit of drinking lukewarm water with lemon on an empty stomach. It is one home remedy that will help you get away with bloating and the pain that follows. The lemon water contains acidity level that helps produce hydrochloric acid, an acid that helps in breaking down the food we eat. That means more the food breaks, less the bloating. It is an efficient way for bloating stomach relief.

Activated Charcoal: Activated charcoal or carbon is a bland, odorless, and non-toxic material. It is one effective relief method for bloating. It is created when a raw material such as wood is burnt at a high temperature. This high temperature eliminates oxygen from the burnt substance leaving behind a porous residue which is capable of absorbing the gas that causes bloating. One can avail activated charcoal in powder, capsule or even in a tablet form. It can be used as a bloating stomach relief.

Adapt To A Healthy Diet: These days people are more attracted towards eating junk food, especially the youth. Caffeine, oily fried food, and sweets are just some examples of the unhealthy diet options prominent at present. This kind of food leads to bloating in the stomach and to get rid of that – one must eat healthy homemade fresh food. If one is suffering from bloating, they must also avoid eating broccoli, cabbage, or beans. Even if they are healthy food items, they may lead to bloating due to the presence of high fibers in them. Avoiding junk food will give you bloating stomach relief.

Keep In Shape: Keeping oneself in shape is the best solution for any kind of problem and bloating is one of them. You should exercise regularly as it helps mobilize the body and the fluids, and in turn, helps in expelling gas. Exercising is the best available relief option that may take a long time for effective results but is worth the energy and efforts.

Consume Herbs: Certain herbs such as fennel, ginger, caraway, basil, peppermint oil, dandelion, chamomile, parsley, cumin, and spearmint contain carminative properties. These help in exclusion of gases positively. Thus, herbs help in getting rid of bloating. However, they should be consumed after consulting a doctor as some of them may lead to side effects in some cases.

Massage: Massage is one effective way to get away with stomach bloating. Massage the stomach area for 15 minutes daily. It will help in muscle relaxation which will further help in getting rid of constipation, the main cause of bloating. Removal of excess waste from the body helps in keeping bloating at bay.

Make A Habit Of Chewing Up Food Thoroughly: Food that takes a long time to break down inside the body is the main cause of stomach bloating. So, to get rid of gas accumulated in the stomach, one must develop a habit of chewing their food thoroughly which will help in digestion of food easily.

Limit Your Salt Intake: Salt intake should be limited if one suffers from stomach bloating as salt contains sodium which makes a person thirsty. It leads to water retention in the stomach to balance electrolytes. It leads to stomach bloating so to get relief from it – one should stick to foods with less salt.

These are some ways that would help in getting bloating stomach relief. In case one does not get relief even through any of the options mentioned above, they must consult a gastroenterologist.