Causes and Tips to Prevent Restless Leg Syndrome


A lot of us have heard about people constantly moving their leg while sleeping. Restless leg syndrome is a disorder connected to the nervous system of the human body. It’s often referred as RLS. In this syndrome, a person feels a tremendous urge to move their leg. The urge can be very uncontrollable at times. If someone is suffering from this issue, he/she is unable to sleep well and can often develop sleep disorder as well. The urges person experiences can be unpleasant and cause discomfort. Restless leg syndrome is neurological sensorimotor disorder often studied in the fields of mental health.

The RLS can cause very unpleasant sensations as well. Restless leg syndrome can sometimes spread to the arms, torso, genitals and even face, but this happens in very rare cases. The restless leg syndrome gets activated especially when the person is not moving or is placed in a fixed position. The most prevalent symptoms are restless legs at night time.

People with RLS, experience very uncomfortable sensations and high urges to move their legs, the feeling can also be compared to an itchy or a creepy crawly sensation in legs. The sensations get worse when a person is sleeping, lying or resting. The severity of restless leg syndrome goes on from mild to moderate to severe or intolerable. Symptoms come and go, and so does the sensations, and it’s different from person to person. Any person suffering from restless leg syndrome may experience urges to get up if they are sitting, this also hinders with a person’s concentration levels and can have emotional effects as well as it can become embarrassing.

The main reason for restless leg syndrome is unknown in most cases. There is no one specific reason for this to happen to someone. However, some causes that are associated with the syndrome are as follows:

  • Several doctors say that restless leg syndrome has a lot to do with genes, if someone in your blood relations has it then you come more prone to develop it, this syndrome develops in mid-adult and so on.
  • Certain chronic diseases can also cause this problem, such as iron deficiency, Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, diabetes, and some neurological problems.
  • Some medications and drugs like the anti-psychotic medicines can have side effects and restless leg syndrome can happen. A lot of sleep-inducing medications can also have such side effects.
  • A lot of women experience Restless Leg Syndrome during pregnancy especially in their third trimester, usually this goes away after the birth of the child.
  • A lot of times alcohol consumption can trigger this syndrome, or if someone consumes a lot of alcohol, they can even develop restless leg syndrome.
  • Sleep deprivation is also a cause for developing or triggering RLS.
  • Doctors say that a lot of smokers develop restless leg syndrome and not smoking triggers the syndrome and makes the urges really bad.

Restless leg syndrome cannot be fully cured, especially if it’s in the severe form where a person experiences restless legs at night. RLS can be managed so that you can live a peaceful life; a few lifestyle changes can help a lot to manage this issue. Tips to prevent restless legs, especially at night are as follows:

  • First thing would be to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly , Adopting a good routine can greatly help at managing the restless leg syndrome, an exercise expert can help you understand what kind of exercises are suitable for your body type and stamina.
  • Adopting a good and strict sleeping cycle is also very important otherwise sleeping less can aggravate the issue. Sleeping for 8 hours a day is highly important when it comes to the functioning of the body and mind, it keeps us healthy and also increases the concentration levels that help us work more efficiently.
  • If someone is suffering from restless leg syndrome, then they must cut down intake of coffee or caffeine products as it can trigger the symptoms to a great extent.
  • Even alcohol consumption should be stopped or reduced considerably along with smoking, smoking can really cause a lot of discomfort especially if you suffer from restless legs, especially at night, both alcohol and smoking including any drugs can worsen the situation to a great extent.
  • Leg massages, hot baths, healing pads or ice packs are also effective ways in which the symptoms of  RLS can be managed. Do it once or thrice a week if you suffer from restless legs at night. A vibrating pad called Relixes is also asked to use if someone is suffering from this problem, you can check up with your doctor and get all details about the same.
  • Meditation has proven to show some great results to help cure and manage this problem. Meditation makes us calm and composed and also helps to maintain a peaceful mind and prevent restless legs at night.