Cough from Allergies – Tips and Cure


Coughing and sneezing are some of the common illness symptoms in children. Yet, it affects the adults as well. Though coughing is commonly associated with cold and flu diseases, it can be an allergic symptom as well. Therefore, before taking any medicine, it will be ideal for you to diagnose the condition properly and find the underlying cause. Some simple tips and care suggestions for coughing from allergies have been mentioned below:

Air pollution- Increased level of pollutants in the air is a major cause of different diseases and one of them is coughing. Irritants and pollutants present in air can at times cause coughing or even choking symptoms. It may also lead to lung irritation or phlegm in some. Medical attention is generally not needed in case of short-term coughing. Yet, for prolonged coughing or breathing difficulties, patients may need to seek the help of a doctor.

Allergy from molds- Coughing can also be intrigued from mold allergies. Generally, coughing from mold allergies also cause wheezing symptoms and is common in people, who have mold infestation in their house. It is also a common problem observed in flood or storm hit regions.

Asthmatic allergy- Long bouts of cough along with tightness of chest, wheezing and shortness of breath can be an indication of asthmatic allergy. This type of a cough starts as soon as the person is exposed to the allergen and it’s severity increases till the condition is treated. Asthma can begin at any age. Yet, in most of the cases, it starts from the childhood and gets cured as one grows up. However, the condition can trigger at any time.

There can be varied factors triggering asthma, pollution and dust being the most common. Pollen, pet dander and even exposure to strong smell for a prolonged period of time can lead to asthma. In most of the cases, patients with asthma need to follow a regime for themselves to remain fit round the year. Medications like anti-allergy drugs and inhalers are also recommended to check the severity of the condition. Apart from that, some people also practice alternative medicines and rely on yoga for a holistic treatment of asthma.

Pet allergies- Though an asthmatic cough often gets triggered when the patient comes in contact with pet dander, yet it does not mean every with pet allergies is asthmatic. Many patients are seen to visit doctors complaining of severe coughing after coming in contact with pets, especially cats. If that is the condition, it is better to stay away from pets or take anti-allergic drugs before entering any premises with pets.

Infection in the respiratory tract- Many patients suffer from coughing from allergies or infections in their respiratory tract. Bacterial or viral infection in the lungs or trachea at times can cause severe coughing all of a sudden. Consulting a doctor is the best choice in this regard as the condition can become severe if left untreated.

Allergic bronchitis- Bronchitis, which is mostly caused by viral and bacterial allergies can lead to severe coughing from allergies in patients. This type of coughing from allergies is extremely difficult to cure and may last for months or even for a longer period of time. As the severity of the condition increases with time, it is always recommended to seek proper treatment as soon as you get the symptom. With proper diagnosis and medication, one can be completely cured from coughing related to allergic bronchitis.

Change of climate- A large number of people, especially children and young teens are susceptible to different allergies during climatic changes. Coughing associated with season changes is mostly accompanied with lightheadedness, sneezing and running nose. This type of allergies mostly occurs when the body cannot quickly adapt to the changing weather conditions.

An allergic cough can affect anyone at any point of time and is mostly found in people living in homes infested with mold or mites. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep your homes clean and dust free. Also, avoid the allergy-triggering factors to remain healthy all around the year.

Detecting allergic cough and cold cough can be simple if you keep in mind some basic factors and one of them is the time period. Coughing from allergies happens only when the body comes in contact with the allergen. While a cold cough is persistent. Though the cold cough and allergic cough cause runny or stuffy nose, cold cough lasts only for a fortnight. However, allergic cough continues may continue for a longer period of time or till the allergy is cured. In many cases, the cough persists for more than a month while some may get cured in just a few hours. Also note, fever, which is commonly associated with a cold cough, is seldom seen in an allergic cough. In most of the cases, cough associated with cold can be cured with home remedies while an allergic cough mostly needs medical attention.