Here’s How to Treat Sinus Naturally


Sinus is extremely uncomfortable and can interfere with your day to day work. It is a feeling where your ear, nose, and throat may all feel attacked at the same time. Your nose feels plugged which makes it difficult to breathe, talk, or function or it may simply be extremely drippy. Sometimes sinus drainage can be triggered by eating dairy products at an excessive rate, pollution, smoking, food allergies, or allergies to the surrounding, cold, or flu.

Sinus drainage may feel like congestion or a runny nose that has a thick mucus discharge. It also leads to facial pressure and may cause fever or pain behind the eyes. A sore throat along with weakness or discomfort may also be felt.

Some home remedies may help tackle sinus drainage to provide relief. One of the home remedies that is one of the most effective sinus drainage treatments is to drink a lot of fluids. You need to keep yourself hydrated, and this helps to humidify the mucus and in turn aids in its thinning. This results in the draining of your sinus. Along with the liquid intake, you can try steaming; this can be done with the help of a humidifier, or you could simply boil some hot water and take some steam by keeping your face above the steam and covering your head with a towel. These days you also get steam machines that may help you unclog the mucus for it to drain. While steaming your face or nose, it can also give relief to the congestion in the chest or nose by adding menthol or camphor. You may also use eucalyptus oil in the water. It should be taken care that a steam machine or a humidifier should be kept clean to not grow bacteria. Humidifiers temperature should also not be kept very high.

Drinking soups have proven to be helpful sinus drainage treatments. A cup of a hot chicken or tomato soup helps you ease the mucus congestion. Chicken soup has also proved to reduce any inflammation that may be caused due to the sinus congestion or cold. A saline solution is also used to flush out nasal congestion. This is referred to as a nasal irrigation. This involves squeezing a bottle of saline solution in one of the nostrils. A tilt of the head is required to trap the saline solution. This can be conducted by standing on them in a sink or a basin and pouring the liquid into the nostrils. You need to clean the applicator as it has been in contact with bacteria and can build up in the applicator. This is referred to as flushing your nasal passages. This is also the first defense against sinusitis.

You may also try to conduct a warm and cold compress by draping a compress upon the nose and replacing it every 30 seconds. This can be repeated 6 times a day and may relieve the sinus congestion. A supplement of protein in pineapple has also proved to be beneficial to fight the swelling that is caused by sinus. It helps by reducing the swelling in the nasal passages.

Spicy food and a little green chili, hot peppers, mustard or wasabi can help you to clear the sinus. Have you noticed how drippy your nose becomes after consuming something hot? This would help open your nasal passages and therefore relieve you from any congestion. Consuming apple cider vinegar has also proved to be one of the most effective sinus drainage treatments. This can be applied along with water mixed with honey. This helps in relieving sinus by loosening the congestion in the nasal cavities.

Cayenne pepper added to the regular diet or a pinch of horseradish herb in the mouth can also be effective sinus drainage treatments. Garlic application helps unclog the sinus cavities as it removes the bacteria from the region. It has excellent anti-bacterial properties but may bear a strong smell. The use of chopped onion in boiled water and inhaling the steam has also worked wonders in killing the sinus bacteria. Some drink this mixture in order to have better results.

It is recommended to not straightaway go for antibiotics as one may become resistant to them and therefore they may not treat the sinus in most cases. You should always consult your doctor about the most effective sinus drainage treatments and follow his advice. It is also essential to know when to see a doctor as some cases may require an immediate medical attention. If you feel a pain that has lasted for more than a week, it is advisable to see a doctor as you may require more than just natural remedies to relieve the pain or treat the sinus drainage.