The Five Best Mattresses 2017 Has to Offer


Buying a mattress in 2017 is as easy as it is difficult. It’s easy because there is so much info available to make the right decision, and it’s difficult because you’re now spoilt for choice! With five kinds of mattresses currently dominating the market, from innumerable brands, these are the best mattresses in 2017.

Memory Foam Mattress
Memory foam was first developed during the 1970s as a part of a NASA contract to enhance seat cushioning as well as crash protection for passengers and pilots in airplanes. The project was declared successful, the designers and engineers soon started using this material to make several different types of commercial products like mattresses. Memory foam mattresses gained popularity within a short while.

Also known as viscoelastic foam, memory foam can conform to the body while dispersing your body weight throughout the bed evenly. This makes the product ideal for achy joints, restless sleepers and eases morning pains. Memory foam is resistant to bacteria, mold, dust mites, bed bugs and other types of allergens. It also responds to temperature. Thus, it softens and conforms to the person who sleeps on it as per their body weight and temperature. Thus, memory foam mattresses tend to be warmer than innerspring mattresses.

Mattress manufacturers have brought in other kinds of the memory foam mattresses in the market. These are open cell memory foams, reticulated foam support layers, gel-infused memory foams, etc. All these are meant to improve air circulation while you sleep.

Innerspring Mattress
This could be the oldest type but is still popular in modern times as far as mattress designs are concerned. Manufacturers make use of different kinds of steel coil support systems like springs connected into one single component or separately wrapped pocketed coils to design these heavy-duty mattresses. The innersprings are then covered with different types of upholstery material or padding resulting in a comfortable sleep experience. Innerspring mattresses have become more comfortable and sturdy than ever. This is because of the use of different mattress materials like fibers, foams and additional layers of steel springs in smaller sizes. Since this is one of the most affordable types of mattresses available in the market, innerspring remains the most sold item everywhere.

Hybrid Mattress
The hybrid mattress is the result of the sleep technology innovations over several decades. It is used by combining different types of support systems like memory foams with the innerspring system. You get the benefits of memory foam as well feel and look of an innerspring mattress.

The usage of different sleep technologies in a hybrid mattress offers various advantages for sleepers. To begin with, the pocketed coil technology diminishes the motion transfer occurring due to turning and tossing, thereby offering a more restful and deeper sleep. The use of memory foam in multiple layers lets the sleeper attain a comfortable sleeping posture that relieves the pressure off sensitive zones and also helps in controlling body temperature by dispersing heat away from the body.

Hybrid mattresses have a traditional mattress shape to offer in comparison to the low profile and straight lines of memory foam mattresses. Moreover, hybrid mattresses are much cheaper as compared to the price of memory foam mattresses. Therefore, it is a good option for those looking for a budget bargain.

Latex Mattress
It was during the 1960s when latex mattresses were first brought into the market for consumers. However, since the production cost was high, the product was really expensive for most people to afford. However, with the advancement of technology, latex mattresses have become cheaper. This variety of mattress has at least two benefits. Latex offers support without exerting excess pressure on shoulders, hips and other areas while ensuring proper alignment. This results in prevention or reduction of pain in the sensitive areas especially the lower back. It is also known for its ability to suppress motion. Thus, if one person turns and tosses a lot during sleep, the partner will not be disturbed.

Foam Mattress
Foam mattresses are cost-effective and are a good alternative to various sophisticated options for mattresses. It is made of different density and weights using petrochemical-based latex rubber foams or flexible polyurethane foams. This mattress offers support from one corner to another which is extremely advantageous for restless sleepers who move from one side of the bed to another while sleeping. You get to choose from a variety of options like gel foam, memory foam, solid foam or latex.

The top five brands for the best mattress in 2017 are Sealy, Serta, Novaform, Tempurpedic, Simmons. They have a lot of offerings and a large variety of mattresses to choose from.